Author Quote

"You cannot bring the past into the present because it just messes up the present and the future."
                        - Scotty McCoy

Reviews of Myself as an Author

Great editor and author

Not only is he an amazing author but I can't believe I'm going to say this his also an amazing friend. Scotty is someone who I look up to as a newly self-published author trying to make a name for myself in this tough industry. When others had let me down Scotty was there to help me pick up the pieces.

- Marcus Magix

Recommend this author's books

Scotty is an amazing author and an awesome friend with a heart of gold! 🙂

- Harold Atterberry

Great author and friend

He's an amazing author and son. He's also an amazing friend.

- Donna M. Hoffpauir

Proud of my talented son

He's a great and talented son that is doing big things as a writer. I am so proud of you Scotty.

- Lisa Seitzinger McCoy

Positive and educated

So positive and wants to learn a lot.

- Bianca Hegeman

Great author and team member

Scotty is a great friend, person, and author. He is also an amazing addition to my team. He helps me out with my music videos and music career, as part of his production company, Gravestone Films. He's very inspirational and recommend him and his books and services as a director to anyone.

- Tiff Maley Ina