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The Ultimate Friday the 13th Trivia Book Reviews

"This book is will TEST your knowledge about Friday the 13th
This book made me want to watch the movies all over again
just to find the answer to the question. I was surprised and
entertained by many of the questions. This book is great by
yourself or with friends as there will be a few questions that
will STUMP you. I greatly enjoyed every page."
                                                                                     - KJ

"As a long time fan of Friday the 13th, I thought this was a really
great trivia book. From easy to challenging questions, it is a must
have book for fans of the franchise! It's full of interesting behind
the scene facts that only a die hard fan would know. Great content
at a great price. I would recommend this book in a bleeding heartbeat!"
                                                                                - Robyn Mattern

yeah that book was great. u get 100 questions for each of the 12 F13
films and some difficult ones who are not included in the films so to
answer them u have to know what happened in people's real lives and
have watched also the F13 doc dvd's. I am one of the most fanatic fans
so I tried to answer the questions without re-watching the films as last
time I watched them was round 3 years before so I wanted to get a test
from my memories. Average I had around a 65% of success which is
good since I never saw those films in 3 years but I remembered a lot of
details. if u are a fan get this book and relive those great f13 moments
with your friends.
                                                                                - V.K. Manglaveras

Amazing book. I highly recommend it. 1300 trivia questions and 13 chapters,
including a phenomenal bonus chapter. I would give this 10 stars. If you are a
Friday the 13th fan, then this book IS MEANT FOR YOU! No other books out
there in horror trivia can match this book. Must have, and I highly recommend
this book.
                                                                                                            - Sean

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