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"You cannot bring the past into the present because it just messes up the present and the future."
                        - Scotty McCoy

The Ultimate Slasher Movie Encyclopedia

The Ultimate Slasher Movie Encyclopedia

The most informative and interactive horror encyclopedia

  • By Scotty McCoy
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"The Ultimate Slasher Movie Encyclopedia" is the informative guide that the most die hard horror fans have been dreaming of. The reasons why this encyclopedia is a MUST HAVE for every horror fan, includes:

1. Movies and Television Shows: The Ultimate Slasher Movie Encyclopedia is broken up into two separate parts: films and television series. On the film side of things, there will be ten total chapters with various subchapters per chapter. The first nine chapters are on the top franchises in the horror/slasher genre, including Friday the 13th, Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hellraiser, Child's Play, Leprechaun, and Children of the Corn. The tenth chapter is a miscellaneous chapter with various standalone films, including Freddy vs. Jason, Carrie, Valentine, Final Exam, and Black Christmas. The television side of things will include three chapters that have multiple subchapters within them. The top television shows that will be included are The Walking Dead, Scream: The TV Series, and Scream Queens.

2. Amazing and Informative Subchapters: As with the chapters mentioned above, there will be countless subchapters for each of the chapters. Some of the subchapters will vary per chapter and some may not be included, dependent on what is required for each chapter. The subchapters include content regarding trivia, body counts, interviews with cast and crew, film/show synopsis, cast and crew listings, did you know facts, where are they now facts, character descriptions, characters then and now, and for the television section, an episode description subchapter will be included.

3. Must Read Interviews: I have conducted interviews with top cast and crew of all, or most of, the franchises. A sneak peek of each interview was posted at, but in this encyclopedia will include the full interview with hundreds of horror actors, actresses, and crew members. Included in the list of those interviewed and appearing in the book are Shavar Ross, Ted White, Harry Manfredini, Adrienne King, Thom Mathews, CJ Graham, Ken Kirzinger, Kelly Hu, Terry Kiser, Tiffany Helm, Debi Sue Voorhees, Ron Sloan, Peter Mark Richman, Russell Todd, David Katims, Robbi Morgan, Kristi Angus, Adam Marcus, Rusty Schwimmer, Steven Williams, Brooke Bundy, Victor Miller, Miguel A. Núñez Jr, Heidi Kozak, Julie Michaels, Arlen Escarpeta, and America Olivo, just to name a few.

4. Amazing Foreword: Information to be added later once I get a confirmed actor/actress to write the foreword.

5. Ultimate Guide for the Ultimate Horror Fans: There is plenty in this encyclopedia for the horror fans to read. Every horror fan, whether or not you are young or old, will learn new content about the top slasher films and television series and also get an in-depth look and perspective from the cast and crew of the films and shows themselves during their interviews that Author Scotty McCoy personally conducted with them via phone. There is at least one thing, at a minimum, that each and every fan will find interesting, and Author Scotty McCoy guarantees that there'll be more than just one thing in here that anyone would find interesting as there are a plethora of interesting, unique, and fun facts to learn about the films, how they were made, the cast and crew in them, and everything in between. You will want to get your copy of this because it is a thick encyclopedia that is guaranteed to make every horror fans dreams come true.

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