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"You cannot bring the past into the present because it just messes up the present and the future."
                        - Scotty McCoy



Four video game nerds adventure in a real world battle

  • By Scotty McCoy
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  • Pages: TBA
  • ISBN 10: TBA | ISBN 13: TBA

Jordan Hathaway and his three friends, Jason Reese, Kyle Howard, and Benjy Turner are all video game nerds who live normal lives just playing video games in Jordan's game room. Jordan's mom, Regina, keeps trying to get them all to live a little and not surround themselves in a cramped room. They take her advice and fall prey to something they did expect. They hear a cry for help and come across an evil clown who is holding a young girl named Sami Freed hostage.

Rellik, the name of the evil clown, has a major backstory that is foretold in "Samhain" and was once a normal man who had a major breakdown and got locked up in the Skook Asylum. Upon breaking out of the Skook Asylum, he is back wanting to kill this Sami, who has an interesting connection to him. Will Sami, along with her new found friends, Jordan, Jason, Kyle, and Benjy, be able to stop Rellik before he brings some comedic, yet terrifying carnage to the young town of Frackville, Pennsylvania? Or will Rellik have the last laugh in this horror-comedy novel.

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