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"You cannot bring the past into the present because it just messes up the present and the future."
                        - Scotty McCoy

Christ Defeats Cancer 2: The Battle Continues

Christ Defeats Cancer 2:  The Battle Continues

Continue to follow the journey of Big C (Christ) battling and defeating Little C (Cancer)!

  • By Scotty McCoy
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"Christ Defeats Cancer 2: The Battle Continues" has a number of reasons why it should be purchased, including:

1. It's a Sequel: It continues the journey from its predecessor, Christ Defeats Cancer where it summarizes the last book and builds upon the story to the present day of time with an updated version and progress, along with setbacks, being told.

2. Continues the True Story: It is still a true story with updated content regarding the journey that the author's father, Scott G. McCoy went through when battling brain cancer and how he and his family's faith are prevelent on how Christ will ultimate defeat it in the end, as the battle continues.

3. Instills Hope: The continuation of the story doesn't necessarily have a sad ending as it is one of those stories that is told to make a point and show that it just didn't end at the first novel but continues with positive outcomes, and some negative aspects mixed in with an ultimate happy conclusion to instill hope, love, joy, encouragement, and faith in anyone and everyone battling any kinds of cancer, not just brain cancer.

4. More of the Disease: This book dives more into what the cancer Scotty's dad is battling is and what it does. The name of the brain cancer is Glioblastoma and this book details more about the disease and analyzes its contents.

5. Christian Aspects: This book has even more of a Christian vibe to it with scriptures, lessons, visions, words, and anything related to the holiness of Jesus Christ himself.

6. Impeccable Foreword: Author Scotty McCoy has gotten the woman who has taken over for his dad's main doctor since the last book to write the foreword. Last book, Dr. Steven Toms wrote the foreword, but this time around it is none other than the lady who has taken over the reigns of the field of neurology at Geisinger in Danville, and is also a brain cancer research technician from the University of Texas at the cancer institute, Dr. Na Tosha Gatson. She discusses her life as a neurologist and cancer researcher, as well as how Scotty's dad has ultimately beaten the odds time and time again in this dreaded cancer battle.

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