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"You cannot bring the past into the present because it just messes up the present and the future."
                        - Scotty McCoy

Christ Defeats Cancer

Christ Defeats Cancer

Witness a true miracle when Big C (Christ) meets Little C (Cancer)!

  • By Scotty McCoy
  • November 13, 2017
  • Pages: 80
  • ISBN 10: 1542304989 | ISBN 13: 978-1542304986

"Christ Defeats Cancer" has a number of reasons why it should be purchased, including:

1. True Story: Everyone loves a true story. It gives depth to the plot and the reader/audience relates with what the main character(s) of plot are going through. The fact that it is a true story on something a majority of the population has to go through just makes the book that much more emotional and even inspirational.

2. Instills Hope: The story isn't one of those true stories that has a sad and unhappy ending. Quite the opposite! It has a happy ending that instills hope and faith in the core audience, especially those who suffer from cancer and need some hope to feel they too can overcome the odds and have a miracle work in their favor. Remember, happiness, hope, and positivity are core details to getting well and this book does a good job to give the audience and readers the positivity so those suffering from cancer can beat it as well.

3. Spirituality and Cancer: The core genre of the book is cancer/medicine and spirituality/religion, with an emphatic focus on Christianity and the main characters focusing on their Christian beliefs and how the Power of Prayer is just that: powerful. There are Christians who'll love the book to read about how God performs miracles, as well as cancer patients who need hope to be closer to God and get a miracle of their own. Family friends and unknown friends of the author's from Facebook have witnessed the miracle up close and personal with the story since it started which has made the book just that much more emotional and amazing.

4. The Author's Life: The book is about the author, Scotty McCoy's, biological father, along with himself and his family's long, grueling journey, following the months of unknowns in their lives as Scotty's dad fought tooth and nail against brain cancer, and ultimately and miraculously won. The story is told from Scotty's perspectives on the entire ordeal, with insights, inputs, and viewpoints from his family members as they lived the toughest, hardest, and most faith-tested battle of their lives.

5. Raving Reviews: There are three amazing reviews on the book's Amazon page, as well as a 5-star rating. You can view the books ratings on the Amazon page or on the Christ Defeats Cancer Reviews page.

5. Impeccable Foreword: Author Scotty McCoy has gotten the man who has been there since the beginning to write an impeccable, amazing foreword regarding the book and that man is the one to help Scott overcome his fears and surgically remove the tumor with emergency brain cancer, neurosurgeon, Dr. Steven Toms. Dr. Toms discusses what Glioblastoma, which was the type of cancer Scotty's father was diagnosed with, as well as his career in the medical field and what in was like having Scotty's dad as a patient, even being dumbfounded by the miracle Scotty's dad sustained at the hands of his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, by surviving the stroke he suffered two days after surgery, something he wasn't supposed to survive.

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